Time To Recharge And Be Inspired


This past few months has been hectic for me. I've been stretching my creative work in lots different directions. From ad campaign, packaging design, user interface design for an online game to photography, store display and wedding decoration. While being able to move within different media, help my creativity alive, but on the downside … due to pack schedules and deadlines, I am loosing my blogging voice. Which made me very sad. I don't want to just sit and upload anything just for the sake of filling my blog. I received some emails from reader and fellow blogger, asking me how I am … I was at my lowest point by that time and they remind me to keep on moving on with my blog.  

So I am now in a great need to just take down a notch and get new inspirations, and what else better then the city that inspired many artist itself : Paris … the city of lights. I rent an apartment at Montamarte and try me best to live a simple parisian lifestyle. No hotels and no tours with another pack schedule. Just me and the city... strolling around and breathing the air of France. 


 I am glad that i still have few more days here ... :) 

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