Back On My Feet



I'm back on my feet ... literally (yay!)

There is no greater feeling then being healthy ... now i can say that! :D For some of you that follow me at twitter @silke3d might know that I was hospitalized and could not get off bed for nearly 5 days following my surgery. I was constantly in pain, nausea and headache days after the surgery. Turns out ...  waking up from general anesthesia isn't fun at all! It was like in a movie,  "Jumper" starring Hayden Christensen, watched that? I am jumping from operation table to a freezing war zone in Alaska.

But now those days has gone, I am off the meds and back to work :) 

Thank you for all the get well soon wishes :) i really appreciate it. And special thanks for some friends who visited (and sorry for the inconvenience of having to see me vomits) ... but in this situation, it helps to enlighten who my true friends are, the people who really care and it gave me such a warm feeling :)  oh ...  and here's an extra bonus: I lost 2 kgs within 1 week. Woohoo ... 

image source : gabba gabba gorgeous on tumblr  editted by me ( il'll upload the tutorial of making this instagram effect soon) 

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