Deadlines, Hopital And New Friends


This week has been a hectic one. I have some print ads deadlines, book designs, and  visual merchandising preps. I also have to run meetings with suppliers, contact my clients, do store display and on tops of it … my hubby has to be admitted to the hospital at 3AM. So I stayed and worked from the hospital for the past 2 days.

But yesterday I finally done with the store display, hubby come home from the hospital, and I make some new online friends while I am bored at the hospital (yay!). They’re blogger too :D Their blogs helped me being inspired while going through some boring hours … meet Scarlet and Toni from

Starlet turnsout to be from Indonesia as well but she’s living in California, and she has an online shop  that sells contemporary bags, handcrafted with batik art + eclectic splash. Heritage meets pop!  

And Toni’s blog and online shop  fueled me with some new inspirations for my apartment. I am having a major renovation (hopefully!) by the end of February. I have to move out for 2 weeks L I dreaded the packing.

So I am all set this week, errands checked, new friends checked, keep being inspired checked! Now it’s time to enjoy some R&R and do some blogging!


click here to buy the wooden hello sign :) 

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