At Creative Clutters,
we aim to be
the creative partner
that our clients can rely on

by providing our clients with the right design solutions
to support their business and brands.

Product catalog/book design

Concept, copywriting, art direction, design, and production for your catalogue/book design.

Illustrations and design

We create illustrations and design to add value and flairs of your product.

Calendar design

Calendar is a versatile branding giveaway. If designed right & appealing, you will have your brand on your client/associate’s work desk for the next 1 year!


Define your brand's story, best visual approach and create a brand guideline for a strong brand identity for years to come.

Visual merchandising

Maximize your retail area by applying a smart design and efficient approach to strengthen your brand exposure and increase sales, all within a smart budget.

Packaging design

Good packaging design will not only protect your products but also maximize efficiency in cost, communicate, engage with your customers while delivering your brand value.

Product Photography

Create professional product visuals that represent your brand and product in the best way possible and appeals to your customers.

Photography for Social Media

Whipped up your brand's social media look! Create a cohesive, and styled photos that tell stories about your brand, and engage with your customers.

Print ads / digital ads

We help you evaluate and define your products’ strengths and selling points. Then create a visual that appeals to your target market. From concept to copywriting and production.

Inhouse consultation

A fresh pair of eyes and mind can provide you a different perspective. An in house consultation, where our creative director can come in and work directly with your internal sales/marketing team, for special projects, such as for launching a new product/brand