About Us

We are Jakarta based design studio.


Creative Clutters started as a design blog in 2011 by Silke Widjaksono, that over the years turns into a branding and design studio, offering various services from photography, visual merchandising, illustration, graphic design, catalog design, and now video as well.

At Creative Clutters, we aim to live creatively and to be the creative partner that our clients can rely on, by understanding our client’s business so we can create designs that actually work.


Hi .. thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy our content and find it inspiring.

I am Silke Widjaksono, the creative director of Creative Clutters.

I started Creative Clutters as a design blog in 2010, back then when I was working as a creative manager for a fashion retail company handling advertising & promotion, visual merchandising, and customer service. I was traveling a lot, between store opening, arranging photo shoots, going to fashion shows and the fun part was sometimes I get to go for an art exhibition with privileged access.

I created Creative Clutters as a place to share my creative thoughts, works and experiences. Sharing behind the scene of fashion photo shoots, store openings, and cool art events. Later it developed as a place to share my creative thoughts and projects as I finally chose to live my dream and lives creatively, by embarking into a freelancing world.

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And I am glad I did. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Over the next years, I had been given the opportunities to work with various clients and brands, from Tupperware, Lois Jeans, TOTO, Urban Icon, Miss Mondial, Alto to Taman Puri Permata Hijau and more. From Jakarta to Singapore and Malaysia.

I even signed a contract with Apple in 2015 and have my photo featured in billboards worldwide as part of the Apple Iphone6 Global Ad Campaign. And in 2016, my design for Tupperware won the IMDA Gold Award in the USA for the Best Label Design.

Shot on Iphone6 Global Campaign

So yes … life does begin when I finally take the plunge chose to live creatively, and I am really grateful for all the clients that have opened up their door and given us the opportunities to work along with them, to grow their brands.

If you think we might be able to help you, please feel free to drop us an email and say hi to hello(at)creativeclutters.com.