Coconut Island // Brand Image 2011

perdido em paraiso (lost in paradise)


Coconut Island 2011 campaign - "Perdido em Paraiso"

Coconut Island has always been known for its creative campaign where the models are shown rather detached from the whole scene.

This year ... inspired by the beautiful beach Brazil are famous with, we're coming up with the "lost in paradise" campaign, where the models are stranded in a beautiful island, in the middle of no where, they are trying their best to enjoy the beautiful scenery yet cannot help that they are actually bored to death!

Finding the perfect island itself is a challenge. I went online and then rent a private boat to do island hunting with the designer and photographer. As for the vintage props, it's actually a mixed between scraping the flea market, and borrowing our staff's personal collections, such as the vintage wooden sofa is actually our graphic designer's.

The vintage suitcase is actually from the 70s, and the old typing machine were borrowed from our office's meeting room

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