Turbo Indonesia Product & Brand Image

Ceramic Iron with a pop colors


This is one of the project that kept me busy along the year. I was hired as a marketing consultant for Turbo Indonesia (PT Citra Kreasi Makmur)  dan one of my job  is to help this brand better known to the market.  So I get to work with the internal marketing team twice a week and came up with strategy and concept of print Ad, TVC, social media, billboard , packaing to car branding.

One of Turbo's star new product was Ceramic Iron. To help market this product, we need to create a story for this product and brand, something memorable and relatable to the target market, and visuals that continue to tell the narratives.  As for the pohotoshoot, I worked with Raja Siregar, and here the behind the scene story if you want to take a peek :) 

The plan would be to launch a national TV Commercials and refresh all Turbo’s look and branding on social media, print ad to website, shop panel and billboards. The message is  simple : Turbo  is a home appliances product that offers good value to money, with colorful options to fit customer’s personality for more enjoyable use (since Turbo aim the BC SES, which means no maid and the the customer is the user). 

So here's some of the marketing collaterals :

credits photographer: Raja Siregar | graphic design : Wulan 

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