Esa Tours // Madrid Tour Book

book design


Madrid tour book, designed for PT. Esa Tour

Designing tour book can be refreshing for me :) The good thing about making a tour book design is somehow ... I get to virtually travel while I am compiling the image for this book. I match the itinerary with the location image and learn a bit or two about what special of the destination so I can communicate that through the design. Some people might think that tour book design is just about putting in the information (flight schedule, itinerary) into a piece of paper. Don't get me wrong .... information is crucial, but the way i see it ... tour book also have a role a part of the trip experience itself. Start from when the traveler receive the book and start browsing (usually the book is given away at the airport).  All kind of images and promises of new experience will fill the mind, anticipation starts to built. And in the end of the day it can be kept as a keepsake. I once met this one woman that told me she kept the last year's tour book that I designed (trip to Australia - 2400 people) as a keepsake on her desk to remind her of her achievement, and it made my day :) 

credits: design by me + Daryboo - a sidekick that can be a pain in the ass every once in a while :)  

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