NAIL // Brand Image 2011

the traveller's collection


NAIL in a casual yet sophisticated male clothing line. Casual is the style ... but the sophistication comes in when it come to the materials and production processed. NAIL only used the best natural yarn, and often used a certain washing technique to add an authentic vintage feel, especially for the NAIL Travellers Collections. 

This year, Jason (the model) fits perfectly to represent this collections. There is no argument between me and the designers, we knew that Jason is just perfect from the first time we cast him. very profesional too. The shoot were taken in a private residence. Due to so many collections that we have to shoot , we stretched up our session up to 12 hours. 

Special thanks to the Photographer: Christina Phan | Model: Jason Guebhard | Make Up: Agus from Bianco Salon | NAIL's fashion designer : Mrs. Jani for providing a ready to shoot sample  | My team of cuper cute yet sometimes annoying girls: Chaca and Linda   



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