Behind The Scene - Liberal Jeans Brand Image Photoshoot


When Liberal Jeans approached me for a brand image campaign, I was so excited. They shared their brief and we started working on a concept for the new brand image right away. Choosing the right photographer was the easiest part once the concept is done.

Raja Siregar was one of the photogs that came into my mind immediately. Met him on a print ad photoshoot for my other client before, I just knew that he would be right for the brand, and once I show the client his works, it was a done deal.

Next would be the model and location. Location was easy, Junkyard fits the concept and I have no second tought. Model was a bit tricky. I had to do some casting before we’re finally choose Leon from Snap!inc, and it was a right decision. Leon came in with  a great attitude and he made the whole process much easier. I’ve been handling models and I had my fair share of unprofessional models before, I even once had a girl who cried at the set, or keep on whining over small inconveniences. But thank God! I had none in this project. 

The whole photoshoot went well, and everyone went home with a smile on their face.  I guess when you’re working with people who loves their job, it wouldn’t  feels like work at all. It felt like we were just a bunch of people who hangs out and make great photos.

art director/producer: Silke Widjaksono |  assisten art director/producer: Daud Ryan Bonar | photographer : Raja Siregar | make up artist: Dewi and team | model : Leon (Snap!inc)  

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