Behind The Scene - A&W Food Photography

A&W Kedoya



As someone whose growing up with A&W, I am so happy when I get the opportunity to do their food photography, and to add icing on the cake … the photoshoot location is at A&W Kedoya ( which I used to visit with my mom and my little brother every Sunday after our swimming lessons).




Well … walking into the photoshoot location is quite surreal … off course it doesn’t look the same as when I was a kid, it has been renovated, but I still remember exactly how it used to look. I love the fact that A&W stick to their original root even after the update and walking into the restaurant … I feel like I am that 7 years old girl, but this time … I am walking in as a professional, and be part of their creative process ( how cool is that! ).




It was a 3 days photoshoot … and the most challenging one is … off course the root beer float. I have to take some different photos and do some digital imaging to get that perfect frosted glass root beer with the bubble and ice cream on top. As for the final result, you can check here.


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