An Advise That Changed My Life


It was a simple advise given by my career coach – Mr. Restiawan Jap on our first session a few month earlier. It took some times to sink in.


We (mostly woman) are known for having this glorious multitasking ability, sometimes we tried to juggle many things within the same split second, that we forget to be ‘present’, or sometimes even forget to “live”. We worried about home while we're at work, and worried about work while we're at home. That's is a perfect recipes for tipping our life off balance.

I learn my lesson the hard way and now I lived by this motto every single day, trying my best to be present 100%. The outcome really changed my life. Now I made priorities, which task must be done now and which one can be delayed. My life has been much more organized, and I have more time. 

I advised you try this :) and feel the difference yourself

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