Urban Icon // 3D Art Installation

at Senayan City


I cannot belive my luck when a client basically told me that he had a commercial area in one of Jakarta's hottest mall with two walls dedicated for urban art and the best part is ... I get to design the art. O.M.G ... i know right!?

I've been wanting to make a 3d art istallation from recycled materials, I just haven't got the chance yet. I've been handling many store opening and display before and I understand just how pricy it is to rent an area in an upscale mall in Jakarta. That's why most retailer will do their best to maximise all area for product display. But this is just my luck and I finally found just the right client.

For the urban art design, I worked together with Urban Icon's inhouse designer. She is very talented, and she created the backgroung while I design the 3d installation. As for the execution, we hired an artist. And here's the behind the scene of the making of the background.

My fave part of this 3D art is the flowers. It was made from old plastic bottle. I made some sample and send it to the artist so he can remake it, then paint it in gradation color. Overal this 3d art installation really fits Urban Icon's value. If you live in Jakarta area ... just drop by Urban Icon store at Senayan City and see it for yourself.

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