Coconut Island 20th Store // New Concept - Visual Merchandising

at Summarecon Mal Serpong


Vintage and rustic would be the perfect word to describe Coconut island's updated store concept. Coconut Island is a fashion retail brand specialized in premium tee, with a chain of stores. This is the 20th Coconut Island store in Indonesia, just opened last week at Sumarecon Mal Serpong, and this store carry the new concept.

Since the brand will soon carry a whole new lines of collections, some adjustments are needed in order to the store to able to host more collections properly. 

Coconut Island's concept always go around the vintage Brazilian lifestyle, so this time ...  a slight changes in store designs without making it looked detached or somehow unrecognizable from the rest of the stores. Since the initial store concept  were designed to host only graphic tees, most of the element would be wood painted unfinished white, white bamboo and white brick. Basically it is various texture of white that makes a perfect background to showcase graphic tees.

But now ... with more product lines are soon coming in, the store need to have more dimensions, color and depth ... as shown in this posting, many new element are thrown in. From the unexpected Persian rug, secondhand denim patch rug, industrial wheel to authentic old bike painted in black. 

Great bamboo ceiling ... it is one of my fave and it is mandatory in all Coconut Island stores.

Many trips to secondhand stores and junkyard for this store opening 


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