NAIL // Fashion Catalogue 2011

the festive collection


Sometimes I think me and my team should have our own reality show ... Definitly will contains lotsa drama. This project would make a perfect episode. 

It all started when I was given 3 days to pull this photoshoot. I am lucky that I did cast Jason (the model) beforehands. He is perfect for this brand and he fits perfectly to the sample products (yay! jackpots). We would like to portray NAIL as clothing line for the 35+ target market , and Jason has a cute wrinkle on his forhead, and I think it adds a lot to the character. I am so lucky that the photographer - Ms. Christina Phan has an opening in her schedule (well ... actually she squeeze it into her schedule - she has another photoshoot after she has done a 12 hour photo marathon with us ... feels kind bad for her ...  must be very tiring) and as for the location ... lets just say that it is a beautiful private residence in the mids of Jakarta.

This photoshoot stretched for 12 hours, since I jammed pack 2 projects within 1 day to scrimp on the budget. So overal ... it's a 1 day photoshoot with 28 different collections.

Featured below is the design for the catalogue.

Model: Jason Guebhard | photographer: Christina Phan | make up: Agus from Bianco Salon | graphic design: Dimas K  


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