RIO Kids Coloring Competition


Coconut Island Kids RIO Coloring Competition at Mal Taman Anggrek: Saturday, 20th August 2011.

The event is a sucess, the kids + their parents has a great time and the shows slide as scheduled. We had coloring competition, games, quis and performance by capoeira dancer: Bantus Capoeira. Special thanks for my crew who worked their ass off. Prior to the event, we stays up till 12 AM to tie some loose end, then be in the venue at 7 AM the next day to set up the location. When the event finished at 4 PM, I just went home and go straight to bed :D   


Registration only started at 11 AM, but contestant and their parents has been coming as early as 9 AM. Thank yo u for the anthusiasm. 

This kids are serious! :D

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS OF Coconut Island Kids RIO Coloring Competition

- 1st winner : Ditha Anggraini - 8 years old
- 2nd winner : Ni Kanaya Mulia - 10 years old
- 3rd winner : Florencia Anne Lee - 7 years old
- Fave 1 : Christopher Joseph Pribadi- 6 years old 
- Fave 2 : Ni Pryanka Mulia - 8 years old


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