Brightspot Market 2011



Brightspot market: a curated market of all things cool, is definitly one of my fave event in Jakarta. It's more like a pop up market held few times a year in different locations, showcasing lotsa uber creative indie and local brands. Mostly clothing line but they also have home decor, accesories, books, cupcake and preety much everything else that i love. This is where i really really shop :)

I just got my invitation for the opening night tommorow, i think i will dropped by. Meet up some friends that has a booth there, make extra new friends along the way and shops :D

Click here for their official webpage and you can follw them on twitter @BrightspotMRKT (they twit a lot ... haha)



and Monstore is high on my list!

well ... definitly will dropped by this interesting booth selling Mexican items :D 

and eat cupcake :D 



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