Lois Jeans // Frosted Wash Denim

visual merchandising & brand image


I cannot belived that i haven't upload this yet .... :D This were actually a few months back, and I remembered sitting in the meeting room with Lois Jeans while they showed me some of their up and coming products and asked me to do the visual communication for the product's launching. Many ideas just pops rights into my head. I get to do the visual communication part of this product from making the concept for the photoshoot, to naming the product to the store visual merchandising and promotional area. 

So I'll devide this project into some blog posts, since this is quite a huge project and it'll easier to share if i focus on one part of the project at one blogpost, so ... this first blogpost is about the store visual merchandising.

Here's the concept of the store visual merchandising. basically I would like to do a simple yet straight forward communication. The window at Lois Jeans' store in Kota Kasablanka Mal is very small, so I make sure that the denim itself took centerstage.

and here's the first table. All of the Frosted Wash Denim series will be displayed here, along with the product signage that shows all of the Frosted Wash varieties (there were 10 denims; 5 ladies, 5 mens) and yes ... i get to named each one of it ... :D

Here's some photos of Lois Jeans showroom in Kota Kasablanka back in May 2014:

And here's the pocket signage's design ... I made it simple with a copywriting that tells a bit story about the denim.

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