Miss Mondial // Booth Design

Jakarta Wedding Festival 2014


This is one of my design that really really excites me this year. Booth design for one of my client, Miss Mondial at Jakarta Wedding Festival - August 2014 by weddingku.com. I get to design not just the booth, but also the standing lamp and the visual merchandising of their showcases.

and since all design starts from a dream, this is the 3d visual that I made for this booth. It's fun and sometimes frustrating to sit in front of a computer for hours and days to figured out just the "right design", but when everyting finally manifested into reality ... I always feels that it was worthed.

And to add icing to the cake ... Miss Mondial also Miss Mondial requested me to design the showcase ares, with 5 showcases which each showcase telling a story of a love journey, from engagement to wedding and then anniversary, my fave quote just poped into my head.

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