It's A Wrap!


Yes I was having a jitter a day before the Coconut Island  photoshoot, but thanks God everything ends up well, as planned.  I literally dance when it's done and yell "It's a wrap!!"! 

Me and my staffs checked in the hotel the night before,  woke up at 4AM to prepare the room. Models came at 5AM, and start make up immediately, while me and a designer setting the first location with the photographer. We have total 2 locations, and 8 scenes to shoot. The first location is a walking distance from the hotel. It has jungle feel that we need. The second location is a 30min drive to a cafe.  Total staffs: 20 people, since we need extra man power to move around the lighting system and heavy props in the jungle. 

For this photoshoot, I worked again with Christina Phan (Yaya), it's the 5th time working with her :) within this last 2 years. She's cool! The weather is great (no rain). The models are in great spirit. They are professionals and the make up is just fabulous. My staffs are great! they didnt complain or whine. They just kept on going! So I cant wait to see the photos. The photog will send it on Monday :) 

Models: Bruno (VTM Models), Anna (POSH) and Daniella (21MM) | Make Up: Nuke Galdira & Manohara (the assistant)  

The cool yellow backdrop that I transfered from the photo studio at the office. It took around 3 man power to carry and assmble it. 

Me (the grey - pink converse) and the brand consultant (John O'Garr) lounging around at the set while the photographer is setting the ligths. Its a nice persian carpet :) feels so soft and comfy. I can fall asleep :D


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