Tupperware // Product Styling For TV Show

At Trans TV


It's funny how a few weeks prior, I just declined a full-time position in a national TV station. A few years back, that position would be a dream comes true. Perfect offer yet not at perfect timing. But still … that offer made me miss my days as an art director back in TV station. I used to sit for hours by the small pond, making concepts, doing hilarious brainstorming with producers, animator, goes behind the scenes, met celebrities.   
So when a few days after that, one of my client gave me a call and asked me to do product staying for a TV show, i couldn't be happier. The styling job is simple … I have to set a surprise birthday party for one of the host of the TV show: Insert. It involve product and food styling. The shooting starts at 8.00 AM, but i've stand by at 7.00 AM, ironing the table cloth and preparing all of the props on location. All of the crew at Trans TV is a darling, and even the hosts  sweet enough to help me double tape the confetti to the table (it kept being blown by the wind), and the shooting ends at 11 AM. I goes home with the smile on my face, and since it was Saturday, i decided that i earn a good nap :)

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