Oriental Pop!


Happy Lunar New Year!

Talk about something modern oriental always reminds me of Shanghai Tang. This not a brand that can easily slipped your mind, once you've experienced it. I still remember stepping into their store and think "wouw" ... oriental doesn’t always have to be traditional, boring and historical. It can be traditional, pop and glam all in the same time. Chinese heritage, with a touch of modern pop culture. Genious!  

The founder David Tang claimed that Shanghai Tang is a Chinese label that set out to rejuvenate Chinese fashion, offering premium clothing for man, woman and children, along with accessories and home decor products. Shanghai Tang's design concept is inspired by traditional Han Chinese clothing combined with the modernity and dynamism of the 21st century. 

This Shanghai Tang accesories catalogue incorporates balloons to the overall concepts, a  very unusual product shots i must say, but works very well. 


credits: photographer Kanji Ishii   | art direction and graphic design : Michael Ian Bird 

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