Tupperware // Festive Collection



I was given a purple sample bag with some Tupperware products in it and were brief to “decorate” it with something. That's it! First of all ... The simple one was to make some food illustration, since Festive Collection is a lunch bag, but then again it’ll be too obvious. So I thought why not make a pattern out of the products instead? Somehow I was thinking about kaleidoscope by that time (I cannot explain why but random stuff often just popped into my head ) So ... Here we are now ...

Shown above is the official image photoshoot from Tupperware Indonesia as shown in their June catalogue. Couldn’t be happier that Festive Collection is being produced in 2 different colors: purple and green/blue. I liked the green/blue combo better :D And i hope you like it too :)
PS: Lemme know if you have one ... just give me a hout out at twitter or you can tag me in my instagram (@silke3d)   

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