2018 Calendar Design

for Tupperware Indonesia


We get to design 2018 Tupperware’s desk calendar and I think it’s cool! Especially when it is all illustrations, which means I get to play with color and themes for each month. So first step would be deciding the theme by looking up at Tupperware’s vanguard calendar and national calendar to come up with some ideas. For example, Tupperware celebrate water day, so in March the theme is water day. June would be the summer holiday, July the Ramadan and December off course with Christmas party, easy peasy … but on the other month, we have to come up with other ideas, like in October we use man collection (it was somehow inspired by Octoberfest :)), and in April by on the go collections.

Overall it was a very interesting project and we’re so happy when Tupperware sends us the end product. It was done nicely done, down to the spot UV finishing on the cover. If somehow you have this calendar on your desk, I hope it can inspires and brighten up your day!

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