Festive Set Cute Design



I’ve been wanting to share this and finally … the day is here. The limited release Tupperware Festive Set 2018 is finally lunched … yay!  

A little drama here ... I was asked to design the printing of the bag, and the design that got approved … got shot down on a last minutes. So I have to come up with another design in a jiff.

Well .. at that moment I remember looking at the product compositions ( a bag, bowl, tumbler spoon) and having a “Beauty and the Beast” moment … you know .. that part when the teacup jumps into life, yeah … that one … (that’s just the way my brain works :D) So … I put a face and makes the bowl, spoon and tumbler jumps out from the bag. Did have a good time making this. 

If you happen to buy/have this product, I hope it can cheer up your day :)  

and here’s the screen shot of the promo on Tupperware official website: 

and the image from Tupperware May 2018 promo catalogue


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