Tupperware // Cosmo Violet Print Ad

the urban ladies


This October ... Tupperware launched it's urban chic lunch set names "Cosmo Violet", and I get the chance to work on the print ad and visual merchandising (yay!). I started to work on the print ad design around two month prior to the launching date. I drew inspiration from the product's name itself  "Cosmo" + "Violet", so I came up with an urban feminine look for the ads, with cityscape and dreamy flower shape in the background. As for the tone color, the option is obvious : purple just like the product itself. This design are made to appeal the target market: urban young female who strive to live a healtier lifestyle in style. 


I had fun working on this and ends up falling in love with the product itself. Premium material and chic design. It's a perfect harmony between quality, function and style.  





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