Start 2012 With ELLE Style Agenda


Happy Monday!

Yeaps ... I can hear many of you drags your feet back to the office today :) To lighten up your mood a bit, I present you the perfect sidekick for any busy fashionista on a budget, an agenda that will keep you organized and inspired all through 2012.

I was so excited when ELLE sent me 3 copies of January 2012 edition last week, including the style agenda that comes free with this issue. it is well designed, and well produced along with a hard cover that will endure a year long use.   

I have a great time today taking pics of nearly each page of this agenda ... haha ... so i round up 7 main reasons why I am totally in love with this:

1. It's FREE 

2. It will help you organized {obviously ...} with it's monthly and weekly planner

 3.  fashion / beauty / travel tips included 

4. fashion and beauty challenge each month so your style won't be stucked in a rut

5. Enjoy 12 different moodboards  that will keep you inspired all year long  

6. Horoscope is always fun - get a sneak peak of your luck in 2012

7. Last but not least {for the sake of your comfort} ... No tacky advertisement. All sort of advertising/branding were done in a very subtle manner and seamless to the overal design. Thumbs up for the design team!

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