End Year Note



2011 has been a great year for me where many doors were opened for me. I have the privilege to get involve creatively in many brand image photo shoots, have my first print ad (as photographer) published in print media, invited to do live interview on radio, brand launching , re-branding project, visual merchandising training, event organizing, awarding shows, public speaking, joined career coaching, joined BYW class and finally remake my blog.  

I am very lucky to meet some new people who add perspective to my life and helped me know myself that much better. 

Thank you for all of you that have been following my blog and write to me at tweeter (@silke3d). I know this blog is still very new, but all of you really encourage me. Kept me inspired. 

This blog is definitly one of my highlight in 2011.

*photo by Christina Phan | model : Isabella (VTM Models)  

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