Packaging Design: Smart Savers



I love packaging design. It gives me an opprtunity to build an identity around a product, to give a product a certain personality.

When I first received the sample of the products, i played with it. I lined it up, i stacked it, i rolled it  ...  i do that with every product that i am working on. I once drank a whole box of oxygenated water while making it's TV Commercial, ate 5 big packs of candy  and a new flavor of cracker that i am working on for days. Well ... the point is ... i always try to get to know the product before i can "sell" or even put a name of it. By doing so ... I will know the product well enough to be able to find an angle to enhance it's appeal.

As for "Smart Savers" ...  the first thing that pops into my head was jellybeans, party and gifts. A kids birthday party. Therefore I made two initial design around that theme. The first design was inspired by party decoration and the second one (this one!) was inspired by polka dots gift wrap and colorful ribbons. And it is obvious which design choosen by client. 

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