Tupperware // Turbo Chopper

Packaging + recipes book design


Before I had a baby ... I never think much about homewares (single life is easy ... work hard, dine out, have fun, travels ... that's all!) , but Tupperware asked me to make a packaging design for Turbo Chopper, I was intrigued by the product. First I thought it was made for those too lazy to chop ... ha ha ... but as I starts working on the packaging design and recipes book, I realized that this item is a must haves! Especially when you live in an apartment with a baby like me :) Turbo chopper turns out to be a useful device to make a baby food without having to deal with the bulky blender. Turbo chopper is small (saves up your storage space), light, portable (I can just bring it anywhere ... imagine having to travel overseas with a blender ... duh ...), easy to handle and so fast to wash. I am so excited to use it as soon as Arden starts to feed ... yay!

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