Not So Sunny Costa Rica


Mangosteen Ad Campaign and brand image 2011 - Journey with MGSTN! - Costa Rica 

The main idea is simple, each month Mangosteen launched a special highlight collections that were inspired by a certain city, and this time it's all about the sunny Costa Rica. Costa Rican way of life has been given so much inspiration to the overal collections. Fun fact about Costa Rica ... it's not just exotic but also actually the happiest place on earth (by survey) - and their famous chant is the famous "PURA VIDA" which means good life. 

But here some even more interesting fact ... during the photoshoot, It was drizzling. Due to super pack photo schedule of that day (we have around 4 locations), I cannot afford to loose any seconds, time is literally money in this case. So I have to be creative. All through this particular frame, me and a fashion designer  were standing over the models  holding a white staerofoam board to cover the models , while they were posing convincingly as if they were really having a great time by the pool. an old trick that i learnt way back in my day working in a production house and TV station.

Thumbs up for the models: Isabella, Masha and Jhony from VTM Models, the photographer (talented Ms Christina Phan), Mangosteen design team for proving the sample collections within such a short period of time and Agus from Bianco Salon for making the models looked soooo summer fresh! This is a great team effort! 


And special thanks to the Carefour bakery dept, whose kind enough to made me a custom made pink and yellow cupcake sprinkled with colorful candy and topped with cherry on a regular price!   

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