Behind The Scene: Coconut Island


All throughout my career, I have been involved in many productions from TV commercials, on air promo, live shooting to photo sessions. Trust me ... i know many things can go wrong on the last seconds but this one is something that entirely different!


I hired 3 professionals models, only to have their agent screwed up the whole productions by being 7 hours late! We had to cramped 10 hours photo sessions into 3 hours. Not to mention that i rent a private boat and the whole island for the whole day!  

Ironically ... the model agency's name was DAMN! inc ... and in the end of this mess, they fired their staff for screwing up, but the damage has been done. And I only paid 15% off the total models fee.

Photographer: Christina Phan | make up: Nuke | Models: DAMN Model management (DAMN inc) 

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