Behind The Scene: Key Visual Photoshoot Campina Ice Cream





I know I haven’t updated my blog for quite a while. Yes life has been crazy, business has been crazy with ups and downs, deadline, revisions and stolen laptops ( yes … I lost 3 of my laptops from my office in 1 day … so sometimes bad things happen, but you just need to get a new laptop and keep on moving on). I also finally launched my book The Wonder Freelancer ad Unique Selling Point (USP) Workbook in 2019.


What else? Yeah Covid hits in early 2020  … and Jakarta were in restrictive PSBB mode for some times, so at some point I have to do 100+ product photoshoot for Tupperware Indonesia from my home studio to catch up with deadlines.


This key visual photoshoot for Campina Ice Cream was one of the projects that got delayed due to the pandemic, and I am glad we can finally do the photoshoot for this.




But this time, the photoshoot run on different SOP. Wearing a mask is a must of course, snack is now being presented in a factory packaging ( I bought single serving bread from a reputable bread factory), for lunch I ordered burger from Burger King (even though it’s fast food, at least BK has a clear SOP in preparing their product ), as for the drinks … I get everything in a sealed bottle. At least this can help everyone involved to have a peace of mind.




This is a family theme photoshoot, so we got 3 talents for the mom, dad and kid. The ice cream has it’s own team of food stylist, 3 food stylist to make up the ice cream, as the 3 talents just share 1 make up artist.




The overall photoshoot went well, Campina bring their own freezer and tons of ice cream as back ups, but I am glad we do not need to use the original product aside for reference of colour and texture, and by the end of the photoshoot … we’re left with a lot of ice cream. And since I am the last to call dips, I ends up with some huge 5 liter of ice cream, while everyone seems to prefer the smaller one. Oh well but I am not complaining … It’s a good feeling to go back home after a work, bringing tons of ice creams.



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