Inspirations For The Sore Eye


I’ve been having eye sore since Tuesday morning. I just woke up and my left eye just teary and in pain. By afternoon, I have that red bloodshot - big bug eye. It freaks me out. I went straight to a specialist.  I haven’t been able to sit for long in front of the computer screen, and I have to dim every lights. Yeah I know … feels like a vamp.

My visions has becomes so different … everything becomes extra bright, the doctor said that it is the side effect of my eye condition that gave me a “photophobia”. However it is getting a much better now, he gave me antibiotics. So here’s how my visions becomes for the past 2 days … It is somehow beautiful and it actually inspires me, where everything is blurry and bathe in lights. I think I have found the reference for my next photo shoot project. 




Pics found from here, here and here  

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