Fashion Photography Workshop


I am so happy to join this fashion workshop at LOMOTO STUDIO with the famous Nicoline Patricia and Bona Soetirto. Both of them are a well known fashion photographer in Indonesia, their work is just breathtaking and i am just so lucky to be able to meet them and have them share their knowledge.

Well ... I am not new in fashion photography (since i worked in fashion retail), I've been in many productions but most of  the time i am on the client side, the one who makes concepts, budgets and demands many thing ... haha ... so it is nice to see the other side as well.  The workshop starts from 10AM to 4 PM were divided with 2 sections: theory (where Nicoline and Bona share about their personal experience and some theories) and practice (where we get to try our own fashion photography). 

So what do you think about this photos that i took? 

I really enjoy working with Masya from DAMN inc, she is a terrific model. She is very easy to direct and were able to gets into different character. 

Wardrobe by MISO



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