About Me


Hi I’m Silke ... I’m a Jakarta based stylist, art director and creative consultant.

Welcome to my blog ... a place where I curate all of my projects and inspirations. I believe in the power of give and take. So as I am inspired on a daily basis by other blogs, I wish my little blog can also inspires other creative minds.  

I started my career as a 3D artist mostly for TV Commercials (that's how I get the nick @silke3d),  then I was also a former Art Director for Promo On Air at a national TV Station, Creative Manager for various clothing lines, and for the past 3 years ... I'm a fulltime freelancer, and I never looked back. My hobby has become my work and I am very grateful for it.

So ... If  you’re a fellow creative mind, whose addicted to coffee and enjoys doing water coloring and hand lettering while listening to Snow Patrol ... Please feel free to drop me an email and say hi :) or connect with me via twitter or instagram (@silke3d). It’ll be fun!


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