Do you still remember this deck of inspiring card? the WATUDU Card?

This super inspiring decks of cards  was a promotional gift from PT. Paperina Dwijaya, an importer and distributor of fancy papers when they join a Indonesian graphic design exhibition - Forum Grafika Digital Indonesia (FGDI) few years back.I don't really remember the year, but i already have this deck of 52 cards since 4 years ago, and i kept it in good condition and it came really handy in my job. 

WATUDU (slank from "What To Do"), consist of 52 inspiring things to do : like try new cooking, get a meni pedi, donate blood, kareoke, etc. The rule is to shuffle the cards and just take any random card out from the stack and do whatever it suggested. Good for one of those days when inspirations are none.

To make it much more interesting is, each suggestion were designed and printed on a various fancy paper with various finishing like emboss, spot UV, or even laser cutting. So it is really handy when i need design inspiration / material inspiration or even better, i bring it as sample to my client. "This kind of paper, with that kind of finishing will looked like this ..." They can even touch the paper and feel the texture and thickness. 

So ... if you're lucky enough to have this, since this card isn't sold in public and were printed only in limited quantity, i suggest you keep it in good condition and have fun with it.

You can click here to see the making of this WATUDU Cards: from brainstorming to design process 

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