Tupperware // Tiwi Kids

packaging & illustration


It seems that ever since I had a baby ... Tupperware (being such a fab client) not just sends me baby parcels and free baby products, but they also sends in some baby/kids related projects ... :D *grin* *grin* .. . which is just the perfect timing ... lately I am so in the mood to make something cute ... perhaps since i've been visiting lotsa baby store and seen so many cute inspirations around me ...

so ... Tiwi Kidz is a set of bowl, tumbler and cutlery designed for kidz age 18 - 36 months, to make the whole learning to eat experience becoming much more fun and interesting, just like it's tagline "Eat is a fun learning". The packaging shows Tiwi and friends hanging out a a beach, and interact with the products. Tiwi even shows Jira and Elpha how to use spoon and fork.

And since Tiwi were supposed to be the kid's new friend as well ... i was thinking about how to make Tiwi somehow comes alive and say "hi". So i came up with this idea to place Tiwi on the inside flap. Inside flap often taken for granted in packaging design, yet inside flap is a perfect place to adds a hidden surprise without adding more production budget :D

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