My Fave Photo Angle At Fashion Shows


I enjoyed fashion shows. I think it is a beautiful production where the designer share and intepret their dreams on a catwalk. It's a show of its own. I have a fave angle whenever i am at a fashion show. I always checked for the lights first, see where it falls, and i always took the model far lert/right in the frame, with light bleads through parts of their body. And i loves to shots the models is in motion instead of posing. There are movement, drama and fantasy within each frame.

... and i love love love shoes. The shoes always matter to me. One of my fave thing to do backstage is checking up the shoe :D

Above pic: model wearing snake skin in lime green.

Below pic: totally loves the pink details on the gloves and heels. Fashion show by Era Soekamto for Urban Crew and Susan Budirahardjo 


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