Coconut Island // Store Opening & Visual Merchandising

at Mal Taman Anggrek – Jakarta


Last week Coconut Island opens it's 16th stores in Indonesia, and this time at Mal Taman Anggrek - Jakarta. and this time it is a bit more challenging since some experimental elements are added to its design, and the opening time which supposed to be on the 5th of August, were moved to the 31st of Juli. 

Prior to the store opening, many of the new elements need to be custom made, not to mention the revisions back and forth to various vendors. But the results are quite interesting, and this is going to be the reference for the next store opening.  

New custom made mannequin - to ante up a bit and add creativity, the usual white doff mannequin  were pained in brown based, custom made box acrylic added as the head. The box acrylic was hand drawn. Cute face huh?! :D

Back wall design - due to limited space, we'll have to maximize all the space that we have. So after some brainstorming and field study, we decided to do double display, so we can show couple product with similar artworks with layered or waterfall style. Brilliant!


 I love this circular display made by bamboo - it really maximize the space while adding some point of interest. 

Devil is in the details! 

And since the opening date was moves to 5 days prior, a team of contractor, sales operation and visual merchandising were working againts the time to get everything presentable :) 

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