Interesting + Tiring Weekend


Last weekend would be one of most  interesting drama fueled - adrenaline pumping weekend. It all stated when i have a Coconut Island photo session on friday and Coconut kids RIO Coloring Competition event on saturday. It might sounds simple, but it is not that simple when i am the photographer who supposed to shot 60 collections on a half day photoshoot, while trying to pull my team together making sure all of the last minute details of the events preps are done. 

but  what matter is ... the photohoot went well ( i can't belived i nailed it >.< ) and the event went smoothly ...  i survived it!  It was FUN , but i wont do it again any time soon ...  

ps: i am lucky to work with professional models and great stylist /fashion designer who knows exactly how he wants his designs to be presented . models: Niko (SUM Entertainment), Alina  (21 MM) | make up: Rita | stylist: John O'Garr


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