Designer's Block



Sometimes ... i sit in from of my computer and ideas just won't poped in ... I don't know what to blog or what to make for my clients, while deadlines are looming over my head.

So in that kind of situation, this is what I like to do ... play with my pets/toys ... that's why I always have some pet's/toy on my desk. I guess that's why many designer's has toys on their desk as well ...Some of my former co workers collects Dunny, some collects Transformers and Mori Chack's gloomy bear.

Well ... I am not that sophisticated yet ... since designer's toy cost quite a lot, especially the limited edition one. I have Tokidoki ... but I have McDonald's happy meal toys even more :) ha ha ... they're cute and free with meals. Sometimes i dont even bother eating the meal ... I only took the toys ... they made me happy ... who said money cant buy happiness, huh!?   

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