Key Visual Design & Photography For Campina

This is one of the projects that is delayed due to covid at mid 2020. We started with designing the key visual and Campina finally approve it after a few times back and forward with some revisions. But … the photoshoot is being delayed a few times due to the national lockdown.

We did the casting and preparations and finally did the photoshoot after the lockdown was lifted. It’s just a one-day photoshoot, with 3 talents and 3 food stylists on location. With all the preparations prior, all run smoothly.


The Brief

Campina would like to launch their new improved Neopolitan ice cream line with a new packaging design, and they need a new key visual design to help promote their products in POS. Their target market is a young family and has to appeal especially to young mothers.

The design

We focus on creating a bright, positive, and engaging image of a fresh young family enjoying ice cream in an warm inviting manner for customers to join them in these festivities. 3 colors Neopolitan ice cream texture are used in this background to quickly show the flavor and quality of the ice cream. As for the packaging visualization, we add a more prominent milk splash to help emphasize the usage of fresh milk in this product, along with other ingredients such as strawberries, chocolate, and vanilla that represent each flavor.


Client: PT Campina Ice Cream Industry Tbk

Category: Photography, Graphic Design & Digital Imaging

Product : Campina Neopolitan