Commercial Photography For Anne Avantie Dining Collection

I am so honored to be able to work on this collaboration project between Anne Avantie and Tupperware Indonesia called Sekar Jagad Melamine Collection, especially when these photos would be the first look of Anne Avantie X Tupperware Melamine Collection shown to the public.


When I first working on this project, there is no actual sample of the product, so I have to start working on the concept based on digital visualization of the product itself. Which is challenging. I did some photography mockups using similar products and crates different table settings before finally, this concept is the one that the client approved.


As for the sample product, it finally arrived 3 days prior to the deadline. As soon as the product arrived in Friday, we run all the preparations and do the photoshoot by Monday, as the deadline was Monday night. Crazy? Yes, ofc! But we pull it off.


BTW … for some part of this photo, we still have to use digital imaging since not all the collection is complete, can u tell?


Project : Anne Avantie x Tupperware Sekar Jagad Melamine Collection

Job Desc: Creative & photography 

Category: Commercial Photography