Tupperware // Moment Cup

packaging & illustration


I am soo happy that i can finally share this ilustration that i created for Moment Cup packaging.This is the second Moment Cup packaging that I created for Tupperware Indonesia. I've created the fuschia version before, and this time I were brief to make a packaging for the turquoise version, and they wanted it be an illustration.

So i was thinking about making an illustration of a fancy drink, and since the product is turquoise ... I think brown would be a great match for the tone color. That’s why i made a hot chocolate drink with marshmallows on top :) I even put the recipes on the side. I really hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate as much as i do ...

And here’s the final packaging as displayed in Tupperware Showroom on June 2014 ... It was a bit of a surprised myself. Turns out they changed the product color into blue. I am just glad that blue is still working well with brown :D   


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