IPod Dunny

personal artwork


I received an email asking about the icon that I used on this blog’s header: the Ipod Dunny. Some asking if the product is really available, some asking if I really modify my dunny and put iPod machine inside it, which made me realized that I never tell the tale about iPod Dunny in this blog yet.

So … to begin with … it all started in 2007. I was a 3D Artist/Art Director working fulltime for a post production company. Every day I ‘d lock myself in my studio. Just me, my uber modified workstation and an iPod. By that time, my iPod were iPod nano second generation: slim and generic looking, with  8GB memory and annoying  cables that often strangles me (they still do till now). So I was dreaming about this cool music player that looked good, no cable required and 20GB in memory.


The next question is … how do I want my iPod to looked like? Well … since I am a fan of designer’s toy, Dunny were the first time pop in my head. As simple as that. Out of a whim, I started to worked on my dream iPod and iPod Dunny were born. 

So here's the wireframe : Autodesk 3D Max + Vray. The modelling was fun ... I used box movelling to sculpt the Dunny form.

I first upload it to some forums and Deviantart in September 4, 2007 and has got 14,087 views and 1,953 downloads up till today. You can also download it here J

PS: thank you AZkakaAZK for the designer toy image

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