Behind The Scene: Garskin Brand Image Photoshoot


I am so happy when Garskin contacted me to work on some of their projects. Garskin is an IT brand for premium stickers designed for gadgets. With it's creative artworks, Garskin does not only offers quality materials to protect the gadget's surface, they also bring extra swags and personality to each gadgets. 

As the Art Director and photographer for their next brand image photoshoot, Garskin will portrays a modern yet laid-back lifestyle involving gadget.

I scouted for locations and Tribeca Park at Central Park Mall hits the note right away. It is spacious, lush with greens, well groomed, and it is a perfect pictures of a urban landscape. The next location that I scouted  was the cafes. I was down with three options: Brusell Springs with it's pop hip and young interior , Kitchenette with it's rustic outdoor feel and Nanny's Pavillion with it's outdoor garden feel. Nanny's Pavillion were finally chosen due to it's location (we can get lots of natural lighting) and the cafe's white interior will provide lots of built in reflectors :) oh … and i must say the food is really good … just don't come there on weekends, chances are, you won't be able to get a seat …  

So i choose a day where the traffic will be less in the park and cafe, like 7 Am in the morning, and Central Park Mall was very kind to grant me with a working permit. 
As for the models … after we casts some models, we finally agree on Aris Ramona and Jennifer. They're sweetheart, with a very professional attitude.

I love to get comfortable when i am working. A short and loose tee is just perfect on a hot day like this. 

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