Free Download Photography Background

Subway Tile and Marble



This is personally one of my fave photography backdrops to use for food photography. It's white subway tiles meet marble countertops: very clean, classic and versatile. It is so perfect for food photography, and since this background is practically just white and grey, it’ll help to make the food’s color standout.


Here's some food photography that I took for my clients using this background.


photo for Chloute ( who bake the best pasty in town) you can drool over their instagram feed @chloutelife







photo for Tupperware, as a part of Tupperware Pressure Cooker Booklet







Larger Size

This backdrop size is 66 x 100 cm, so you can fit more food in 1 frame like what we did for Tupperware project up there. This backdrop works well with natural lighting and artificial lighting, tried, and proven :) 


How to use?

Download the hi-res file and send it to your local digital printing, and asked them to use doff material, never go for glossy backdrop photography, since glossy surface will reflect light unevenly.


I hope you enjoy it ... let me know how you liked it, ok?! You can tag our instagram @creativeclutters   or just drop us an email, we would like to share your work on our website too :)


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