Design Process Of Little Bee

Packaging Design


When Tupperware contact us to create a gift box/packaging design for their Little Bee product, we knew that we’re in for a fun ride.


We love creating a cute + fun design, so we started with brainstorming with the client and we came up with different concepts of packaging to shows that Little Bee brings baby spa experience at home.


Our first approach is the home shape, with canopy patterns like when you’re going to a shop or a baby spa. As for the canopy, we use Little Bee’s color: yellow and brown.




We also tried a different pattern for the roof, this pattern was inspired by the shape of water drops.




Another approach is the classic box approach. Most of our clients prefer a box shape packaging since it is the most functional, and economical. Means that it is easy to stack, maximizing storage space in the warehouse and cost less in transportation cost.


So yes, we naturally have to try this route as well.


For this box shape option, we designed 1 side of the packaging with bubble-shaped window to show the product, and the backside of the packaging shows the product illustration with a short description about the product’s ingredients and benefits.




The next development, we move the product description to the side and add more bubble side windows, and this version becomes the final design that goes into production.




And here’s the final design



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