I am moving out from my apartement since last week, due to major renovation. I love renovating my apartment, in fact ... this is the 2nd time I renovate my apartment. The downside of renovation is the moving out :( especially my studio. So i am setting my temporary studio at home. I prefer no furniture and much more comfrtable sitting on the floor in this white room, so i can scatter my works all over the floor.

So ... welcome to my temporary studio, let me introduces you to some of  my quirky pets.

I totally loves this all black gadget on a pink desk. Soft meets Strong.

a DIY wall decal adds some fun to the room. I got this from ACE Hardware.

I'd love to have a touch of nature in my workspace :) even though this is a synthetic grass ... but this will do. 

I like my studio to smells nice all the time. Aromateraphy will do, or if you want to simplify things, you can just spray your fave perfume to the room, like i do. My fave is Pleasure by Estee Lauder.  

Last but not least ... I always have tons of books in my studio, but since this is temporary, I only brings some that I currently read: a debut novel by Avery Williams : the Alchemy of Forever that I can't wait for the second book ( Avery just tipped me that the story isnt over yet - yay!), ELLE: Elements of style ; major style and lifestyle inspirations here, various magazine: ELLE, CLEO and LOOKS, and DECORATE by Holly Becker, she's my fave blogger and a sweetheart too .. she gave me a lot of tips about blogging and her book really helps me to renovate my apartment. 

So there you go ... trip to my tiny temporary studio. A very comfortable place  to work and dream :)  

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